How RENDR Works

RENDR is a technology platform built to provide remote engagement and workflow solutions for the unique needs of the remodeling business. It lets contractors confidently rely on technology to greatly expedite the pre-construction process.

Add A New Space

Click the New Space button at the bottom of the Welcome screen on your device to start a new scan.

Access Your Previous Scans

The Welcome screen will display your previous scans so you can quickly access them for reference or add notes and updates.

Prepare Your Space

Before you scan, the app will alert you to four recommendations for preparing your space to get the best quality scan.

Watch the Tutorial

If you’d like to walk through the process before scanning, click “Review Scanning Tutorial” to get a step-by-step preview.

Start Your Scan

Point your device camera to a corner of your space as a starting point for your scan. White lightlines will appear and grow out from the corner when the scan begins.

Move Around

Move steadily around the room pointing the camera floor to ceiling as you go. Watch the lightlines appear as they recognize the perimeter and important details in the space.

Scan & Watch

No need to touch your screen to line up or connect corners. The app will do the work for you. You’ll see a 3D model of your space built in real-time as the app captures dimensions.

Return to Start

Make sure you’ve scanned the full perimeter of your space and lightlines have connected on screen. Click Done in the upper right corner when complete.

Review & Save

Make sure all walls that make up the perimeter of the space you are capturing have been accounted for and the model accurately shows your floorplan.

Redo Your Scan if Needed

If you missed a wall or detail, you can redo your scan. Select No, Redo to bring up the camera and rescan.

Save Your Space

Give your scan a name to save it. Use the optional Notes field to add any project details you or your remodeling team need to remember.

Add Notes

Use the optional Notes field to add any project details you or your remodeling team need to remember. You can always return to add more notes later.

Add or Edit Project Notes

Notes can be added or edited at any time in the About tab for each of your projects.

Select Your Preferred File Type

Scans, floorplans, and 3D models can be exported in three different file formats compatible with most industry-specific project management platforms.

Share Planning Documents

Send completed planning documents directly to estimating teams as soon as you complete your scan.

Start Your Project!

  • Create
    Start A New Project
  • Capture
    Scan Your Space
  • Review
    Confirm Your Floorplan
  • Export
    Integrate With Your System

The Latest News & Updates

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