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Tech Support

Please verify the correct email is used. Still having trouble? Verify your iOS PRO device is at the latest software version and the RENDR App is also up to date with the latest version. We have seen cases where one or both need updated the app may not be responsive to log in or loading your projects/scans etc.

Go to a web browser and type in – From here you can click “forgot password” and follow the prompts to reset it with a new one.

Make sure the device is connected to cellular or wifi. If you are currently logged out of the app and do not have cell service or wifi available the app cannot verify your subscription and will resort to the FREE version where you cannot export files. In many cases when using a iOS PRO device that is only wifi enabled you may have to connect to a hot spot or local wifi. Please know that the connectivity speed will determine how quickly the data will load onto the app. Sometimes hotspots will take longer to transmit the data when you have a lot of projects and scans saved in your account.

You will need a LiDAR capable iPhone or iPad. An iPhone 12 PRO and PRO Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and iPad Pro are all compatible devices.

As a FREE user you do not have the ability to export floorplans and reports. IF you have a paid subscription, please see: My Account says “FREE” but I have paid for a subscription above.

At this time, unfortunately not. But good news — Android version is coming!

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Yes! When you sign up you automatically receive a 14 day trial period BEFORE your account is charged for the subscription. If you decide RENDR is not for you then you may cancel the subscription prior to the end of the free trial.

The accuracy of the dimensions can depend on some variables, by following the tutorial instructions, in most cases we see results with 99% accuracy. When capturing several rooms within the same scan, you may see slightly larger differences. Make sure to take your time scanning, as a slower scan will typically yield better results.

Scanning a single room under 600 square feet will ensure the most accurate measurements. In most cases, wall measurements will be within 1″. Make sure to take your time scanning, as a slower scan will typically yield better results.

We have noticed that, when scanning multiple rooms, RENDR does notice the thickness of the interior walls and adds those measurements to the interior dimensions of those rooms. Take this into account when scanning rooms with shared walls—those rooms may end up being slightly smaller in real life. Overall, RENDR is able to scan spaces up to 2,000 square feet and capture most walls with a greater than 99% accuracy.

We will continue to improve this accuracy knowing that it is one of the most important components of pre-construction planning!

Account Support

The End User License Agreement (EULA) is located in the Account Menu. Touch the icon in the top right of the app’s home screen to find the Account Menu. EULA is towards the bottom of the screen.

From the Account Dashboard ( Click “Manage Seats/Subscription” in the top right corner THEN Click “Update Plan” THEN Select the number of seats you wish to add. If you are interested in adding more than 10 total seats, please contact

From the “Employees” tab on the Account Dashboard you should see the total number of seats available on your account. If there are empty seats you will be able to select the blue button to “Invite Employee” You will add the employee and the system will send an email giving them instructions to sign up, download the app and sign in to the app. If all the seats are full the “Invite Employee” will not be available to select. You will have to add seats to your business account.

The “SUSPENDED” label appears when your RENDR Business account has more employees than available seats. When the account is suspended, features will be limited until the business admin resolves the billing issue.

If you are an employee:
Contact your RENDR Business admin to notify them of this issue. This issue can only be resolved by an account admin.

If you are an admin:
You have more employees than available seats. Log in to the RENDR web portal and either add seats to accommodate your employee list, or remove employees to accommodate your available seats. Once you’ve resolved this billing issue, your account will be restored to full access for the entire team.

How Does It Work?

Visit then click “sign up” in the top right corner. Create your business profile, choose a subscription, download the app from the appstore, log in on the app and start scanning!

On your iOS PRO device make sure you are logged into the RENDR App. Once logged in, click the account icon in the top right corner. This will bring you to the account screen. Select “Invite a friend” select the method on how you want to send the invitation. Text, email, etc. (FYI – this is not how you add additional users to your business account – see how to: Add additional seats/users to my business account.

Select the scan from the home screen, Click the box with arrow on top right of screen, Select which file you want to share/export. There are 3 possible options: 1) PDF Floor Plan, 2) DXF Floor Plan, 3) RENDR Floor Plan.

PRO TIP: iPad is a great tool to open the PDF in iOS “Markup” allowing you to make notes right on the digital screen. This allows you to review the details, upgrades, and changes immediately after scanning on the completed floor plan.

RENDR is most accurate in smaller scans with less rooms. in a single room less than 600 square feet, results are typically within an inch on all walls and doors!

Spaces up to 2,000 sq. ft. can typically be scanned in less than 90 seconds. Spaces under 600 square feet can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Not at this time, but you are able to manually edit the floorplan after importing the scan data into a CAD program by using our DXF export feature.

Yes, with a paid subscription. Three exportable files are available:

1) PDF Floor Plan – great for printing and using in iOS Markup.

2) DXF Floor Plan – great for importing to design software. Most design software and CAD programs will accept a DXF file.

3) RENDR – This file offers a quick way to share a file with other RENDR subscribers/users.

Scanning an unfinished basement works just as well as a finished area. The scans will recognize object placement in the PDF and DXF renderings. Examples are a furnace or staircase.

If there are right angles the space will be captured accurately. Vaulted ceilings, step downs, or adjoining rooms that have different ceiling heights will calculate an average height of the scanned rooms. For example: if you scan one room at 8′ 0″ and another one at 8′ 6″, it will make all of the walls 8′ 3″. The floor plan, location, and sizes of all other objects, such as doors and windows, are unaffected.

PRO TIP: In these cases where you may have a room or rooms with different ceiling heights it is best to scan them separately to get the best results. You can create separate scans of rooms and add them all into the same project file. If the rooms are all the same height then you can create one continuous scan for the complete floor plan.

Our scanning technology does not yet work with vaulted ceilings and may adjust wall elevations to justify the higher wall height. However, this only affects wall elevation layouts — the floor plan, location, and sizes of all other objects, such as doors and windows, are unaffected.

Walls, Windows, Floors, Ceilings, Doors, Openings, TVs, Large Furniture, Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Counters, Islands, Appliances, Chairs, and more.

Within the RENDR App select the project or space you wish to view. Once you see the floor plan you can zoom in and out to look at details/measurements more closely. Additionally, you can select each individual wall to see dimensions of the wall as well as any door, window or general opening. These are all under the “Walls” tab. You can also view the area (sq. ft.) and perimeter measurements under the “Rooms” tab.

Print the PDF File by selecting the box with the arrow, select “Export PDF”, choose your preferred options then select “Export PDF” via the blue button at the bottom of the screen then choose the print icon on your iOS device. Alternatively, you can email the file and print it from your email.

Export the DXF File by selecting the box with the arrow, select “Export DXF”, choose your preferred options then select “Export DXF” via the blue button at the bottom of the screen then choose the method of export from the iOS device. Most common methods are email or airdrop from your iOS to another source.

New Features!

Sure! Aside from the Invite to Capture, we have added “Projects” allowing users to add photos, share inspiration photos, and soon, be able to link inspiration boards, allowing users to do more pre-construction planning all in one place! That’s not all. We are working on many more new and exciting features in the background to help us as contractors work smarter, be more profitable, and help improve the work-life balance!

With a RENDR Business account you will send your client an email with a link to download the app by clicking the (+) sign on the main screen, and select “Invite to Capture”. Fill in the client details and send away! Once the client downloads the app they are ready to scan their space. As they begin to scan their space they will review a few tips and precautions then begin scanning. Once the scan is complete the files are generated immediately and uploaded directly to your scan list.

PRO TIP: Our users typically ask their clients what type of device they have available at their home during the initial lead intake. This way, they know whether or not the homeowner has a device capable of returning a RENDR scan if the contractor decides to send them an invite!

Invite a potential client to scan their own space with RENDR! When the client has an iOS device with LiDAR (iPhone Pro or iPad Pro) you can send them an email with a link to have them download the app, scan the space, and the results will come back to you. This process is designed to reduce or eliminate the travel time and related expenses of the initial qualification stages of potential clients. Historically, 30% of the jobs quoted are sold. Inviting a potential client to “capture” the space for you allows your business to operate more efficiently and provides more time to sell more jobs.

We know this feature won’t be used 100% of the time. The client has to be willing to use the technology and they have to have a supported device. BUT, the data indicates that the largest group of home buyers are the generation that is most comfortable using technology and they are also the largest group of iOS users in the United States. We believe this process will become widely used as it produces the quickest results for a population who wants results fast! gives you the ability to log in to your RENDR dashboard and manage your account. Subscription terms and number of users are managed here. The Administrator of the account is able to add and remove employee access to the app as needed. As we continue to develop the features we will be expanding the functionality of the dashboard so the Administrator will have more visibility and control.

Projects are customer files. Projects can have multiple scans, photos, notes and soon, videos and customer collaboration. Some users prefer to scan rooms individually and name them accordingly. Others will scan the entire level of a home and save it as one file. Because scanning is so quick and easy some do both to get the most detail! Once you have a completed scan you can create a project and move the scan(s) into that project file on the iOS device. While on the home screen of the app you are able to toggle between the Projects and individual Scans for easy searching.

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