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Tech Support

RENDR works on LiDAR-capable iPhones and iPads. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and iPad Pro are all compatible devices.

For more information, visit our Supported Devices page.

Sharing is caring! To share RENDR with a friend, just click the three lines in the top left corner, select “Invite a friend”, and select how you’d like to share the invitation.

To share a scan, select it from the home screen then click the box with the arrow on the top right of the screen. Select from three file types — PDF, DXF, and RENDR — and export away!

At this time, unfortunately not. But good news — Android version is coming soon!

To get updates on Android availability, submit your information here.

Yes! RENDR offers a free trial. Scan and view details for up to three scans. You’ll need to upgrade to a subscription to export your scans.

The accuracy of the dimensions can depend on some variables. In most cases, we see measurements within an inch over long walls, and within a few inches in between rooms in a single scan!

Scanning a single room under 600 square feet will ensure the most accurate measurements. In most cases, wall measurements will be within 1″.

Account Support

As long as you need! Each space will be active for 12 months and then archived.

You can find our Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement in the footer of our website.

How It Works

99.6% accurate in most cases. RENDR is most accurate in smaller spaces with fewer rooms. In a single room less than 600 square feet, RENDR is typically within an inch on all walls and doors!

Spaces up to 2000 sq ft can typically be scanned in less than 90 seconds. Spaces under 600 square feet can be done in less than 30 seconds.

With a paid subscription, yes! There are several plans available allowing DXF and PDF export options. Please consult with to determine the best plan for you or your business.

Most of our design/builds, contractors, and designers who are using RENDR are using the DXF for quicker inputs into their preferred design software. Others find the PDF printout a valuable reference tool when building estimates. Please consult with to determine the best plan for you or your business.

Vaulted ceilings, step downs, or adjoining rooms with varying heights may affect the accuracy of the height shown on your elevations and DXF file. The floorplan, location, and sizes of all other objects, such as doors and windows, are unaffected.

RENDR will identify walls, windows, floors, ceilings, doors, openings, TVs, large furniture, toilets, sinks, showers, counters, islands, appliances, chairs, and more!

Upcoming Features

Soon! Business users will have access to Invite-to-Capture by June 2023.

To “Invite-to-Capture”, Business account holders can send an email to their client with a link to download the RENDR app. Once the app is downloaded and installed, the client is ready to scan their space.

The homeowner follows the tips and instructions to scan. One room will take only seconds to capture. If they’re scanning one entire level of an average size house, it will take a couple of minutes.

Once the scan is complete, the files are generated immediately and available to be exported to you to start estimating remotely!

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