Streamline Your Job Bidding With Rendr

Streamline Your Job Bidding With Rendr

RENDR is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the way contractors approach the initial bidding and sales process. Conceived and developed by contractors who understand the challenges of their industry, RENDR is a solution that can streamline operations, maximize pre-construction efficiency, and increase the number of jobs you can bid on.

Quick Space Capture with LiDAR Technology

One of the standout features of RENDR is its use of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology. This advanced system allows contractors to capture measurements of a space swiftly and accurately. The process is straightforward: contractors scan the space, and within seconds, they can generate a comprehensive floorplan and a detailed 3D model. This rapid capture capability saves contractors a significant amount of time, a resource that is often in short supply in the fast-paced contracting industry.

User-Friendly Interface

RENDR is not just technologically advanced; it’s also incredibly user-friendly. The platform’s intuitive interface guides users through the scanning process with ease, making it accessible even to those who may not be tech-savvy. As users scan a space, augmented reality “lightlines” visualize the dimensions, providing a clear and accurate representation of the area. Once the scan is complete, a model is rendered immediately, eliminating any waiting time.

Reliable and Accurate Measurements

Accuracy is paramount in the contracting business, and RENDR delivers on this front. The platform provides reliable data that contractors can trust, giving them the confidence to provide precise estimates to their clients. RENDR’s measurement accuracy is impressive, boasting a rate of 99.6%. This level of precision reduces the risk of costly errors and rework, further enhancing efficiency.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

RENDR is not just about speed and accuracy; it’s also about efficiency and cost savings. By enabling remote measurements and bidding, the platform significantly reduces overhead expenses. Contractors can save on costs associated with mileage and vehicle wear-and-tear, which can add up over time. This efficiency allows contractors to bid on more jobs, increasing their potential revenue and lead conversion rates.

Building Trust with Clients

The use of advanced technology like RENDR can significantly enhance a contractor’s relationship with their clients. It demonstrates a commitment to professionalism, accuracy, and efficiency, which can boost the client’s confidence in the contractor’s services. By providing accurate estimates and detailed 3D models, contractors can set clear expectations, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or disputes down the line. This transparency and professionalism can help build trust, a crucial factor in fostering long-term client relationships.


In conclusion, RENDR is a groundbreaking platform that has the potential to transform the contracting industry. With its innovative use of LiDAR technology, user-friendly interface, and reliable measurements, RENDR streamlines operations, maximizes efficiency, and increases the number of jobs contractors can bid on. The platform’s speed, accuracy, and cost-saving features make it an invaluable tool for contractors looking to optimize their pre-construction processes. Moreover, RENDR’s use of advanced technology builds trust with clients, fostering stronger and more long-lasting relationships. By embracing RENDR, contractors can embrace the future of construction bidding and sales, propelling their businesses to new heights of success.