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Invite a client to scan their space and get floor plans, files, and photos back, instantly.

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Maximize Pre-Con Efficiency & Bid More Jobs

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Improvement Business

The remodeling industry has been slow to see progress in technological advancement, remote engagement, and accessibility. Through our own experience and expertise in the business, we understand the primary reason for this is the inability to take accurate measurements remotely. We created RENDR to solve the challenges we’ve experienced ourselves.

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Bid More Jobs in Less Time

Lower overhead expenses and increase lead conversion by bidding more jobs and reducing the cost of mileage and vehicle wear-and-tear.

Reclaim Your Evenings & Weekends

Make field measurement appointments faster by streamlining the initial sales process.

Reduce Time Wasted on Lost Leads

Reduce your loss on unqualified leads and spend the extra time bidding on more jobs to increase your close rates.

Stay Ahead of An Evolving Consumer

Millennials are becoming homeowners more than ever before. As digital native consumers, they perceive the use of technology by service providers as added value.

Build Trust with Clients

Modernizing remodeling transactions with reliable tech adds confidence to the bidding process; and impresses the homeowner.

Quick. Simple. Accurate.

RENDR provides the ability to (actually) depend on technology to simplify the initial bidding and sales process.

QUICK. Capture Measurements in Seconds

Maintaining accuracy doesn’t slow down the RENDR Space Capture process thanks to its use of LiDAR technology. By pairing the speed of LiDAR with a simple, easy-to-navigate user experience, contractors can scan a space, and generate a floorplan and 3D model in seconds.

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SIMPLE. Frustration-free User Experience

The intuitive interface provides a quick tutorial, walking you through three easy steps to scan the space. As you scan, augmented reality “lightlines” capture the space dimensions and rendr a model immediately after the scan is complete.

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ACCURATE. Measures to 99.6% Accuracy

RENDR scans provide reliable data, giving you the confidence to provide accurate estimates.

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At VL Builders our passion is Providing Solutions That Matter, and RENDR did just that for us! It's easy to scan any room, get a 3D rendering and 2D layout, and send scaled drawings directly to our Design team. By using RENDR during our onsite measuring appointments, we save time for our clients and team.

Victor L. VL Builders

RENDR quite literally changed the game for me. Usually I am chatting with my clients while measuring. Nine out of ten times, I miss a little measurement and have to go back to the jobsite or embarrassingly ask the client to take a measurement for me. Those times are behind me now that I use RENDR for all of my projects. It has been amazingly accurate and simple to use.

Brigid W. B.Chic Interiors

We have always snubbed our noses at different measuring apps. They couldn’t get the job done. But RENDR is totally different—from the fast scan, immediate room details, to the export features, nothing out there comes close! We use it for our design-build appointments to sign design agreements with clients—who are also impressed when they see us using RENDR.

Lauren W. Cornerstone Remodeling

I’m really impressed with RENDR. It is simple to learn, accurate, and provides a plan and 3D model the instant you hit done. If you need to measure spaces, this app is going to save you (or your clients) lots of time!

Bill M. Case Architects and Remodelers

RENDR upgrades the professional services my company offers by allowing me to quickly scan a space and show my client the proposed changes. This increases customer confidence and satisfaction and saves me valuable time!

Quentin S. Slothour Builders

The elevations, the floor plans, the CAD exports—it seems like every piece of this app was built for us. And to think we can get measurements of homes now without leaving our office… THAT is a game changer for us.

Chris H. Cornerstone Remodeling

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