Bid Jobs Faster Measure a space in seconds and generate instant floorplans.

RENDR isn’t the same old measuring app you’ve tried a hundred times before. This is an app built by contractors for contractors to work the way you need it to, replacing your old manual process with a kit of mobile tools.

  • Scan quickly and easily with Augmented Reality (AR) and measure to 99.6% accuracy
  • Instantly generate detailed floorplans that include structural elements like windows and doors
  • Get full 3D models generated in real time as you scan
  • Export floorplans and 3D models in the file types you need to integrate with your existing toolset

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How does RENDR help different professionals?

Here's how we designed RENDR to help streamline businesses across these industries:

Design / Build Professionals

Plan small and large projects and use it in the early stages of the sales process to get contracts signed faster. Plus, quickly generate field drawings that can import directly into CAD programs.

Interior Designers

Quickly capture room measurements, import as-built plans, and export PDF files to sketch furniture layouts.

General Contractors

Quickly produce as-built drawings and grab quick takeoffs like square footage and number of windows. Then, export files directly to CAD.

Kitchen & Bath Designers

Get those crucial elevations that show the location and height of windows and export to CAD quickly and easily.

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