Measure With 99.6% Accuracy Measure a space in seconds and generate instant floorplans.

RENDR isn’t the same old measuring app you’ve tried a hundred times before. This is an app built by contractors for contractors to work the way you need it to, replacing your old manual process with a kit of mobile tools.

  • Scan quickly and easily with Augmented Reality (AR) with measurement accurate for initial bidding
  • Instantly generate detailed floorplans that include structural elements like windows and doors
  • Get full 3D models generated in real time as you scan
  • Export floorplans and 3D models in the file types you need to integrate with your existing toolset

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At VL Builders our passion is Providing Solutions That Matter, and RENDR did just that for us! It's easy to scan any room, get a 3D rendering and 2D layout, and send scaled drawings directly to our Design team. By using RENDR during our onsite measuring appointments, we save time for our clients and team.

Victor L. VL Builders

RENDR quite literally changed the game for me. Usually I am chatting with my clients while measuring. Nine out of ten times, I miss a little measurement and have to go back to the jobsite or embarrassingly ask the client to take a measurement for me. Those times are behind me now that I use RENDR for all of my projects. It has been amazingly accurate and simple to use.

Brigid W. B.Chic Interiors

We have always snubbed our noses at different measuring apps. They couldn’t get the job done. But RENDR is totally different—from the fast scan, immediate room details, to the export features, nothing out there comes close! We use it for our design-build appointments to sign design agreements with clients—who are also impressed when they see us using RENDR.

Lauren W. Cornerstone Remodeling

I’m really impressed with RENDR. It is simple to learn, accurate, and provides a plan and 3D model the instant you hit done. If you need to measure spaces, this app is going to save you (or your clients) lots of time!

Bill M. Case Architects and Remodelers
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